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My friends turn to me every time they have some kind of techie question regarding software. For some strange reasons, they think I’m some kind of expert on it. But I really think I’m not. I may know something about it, having been in the industry for quite sometime. But I can’t really say I’m an expert. I don’t want to claim to be one. But nonetheless, I set up this blog so I can write about something I’m very passionate about. To add to that, I figured my blog could be a resource for my friends as well.

So since you’re on my website, please do keep that in mind as well. In addition, here are a couple of reminders you should know about my website. I trust that the reminders I have listed down below will guide you accordingly.

Test It Yourself

My articles are all about software, specifically backup software. Obviously, I’m a fan. It has spared me from a lot of trouble of losing my files. To add to that, it spares me a lot of time because of the automatic backup. Online backup for me is really awesome.

In case you find yourself curious and interested in what I have to say about online backup, I suggest you test it yourself first. Even if what I have to say is good, test it first so you can find out for yourself if you’re comfortable with it. From there, you can make your own decision if it’s exactly what you need.

I Don’t Discuss Anything But Backup Software

This is strictly a website about backup software. I will only discuss that topic. My website is not a place where you can say things that will hurt and antagonize people and companies. Make sure your comments and messages are related to my topic. I will also not entertain any complaints here.

You Can Use My Contact Form

You can reach me anytime by using my contact form. I’m sure we can both learn from each other. Let’s have a friendly and an informative exchange of thoughts and ideas. Together we can both learn a lot about online backup software.

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