Why Invest In Online Backup?


Why pay for it? In this time and age, there’s always a free software available. So why settle for something you have to pay for?

Online backup is convenient. With you files backed up online, you’re stress free. That’s one load off your back. You don’t have to make sure your files are backed up. Because they are! That’s the good thing about online backup. Whether it’s free or not, it’s convenient. But why should you have to pay for it? The answer is simple. You get more protection and security.

The Big Difference

It’s tempting to use free online backup services. You’re getting the convenience without having to pay for it. But at what cost? If you look at the free services closely, files aren’t encrypted. This means that your free service doesn’t conceal your files. Your files are transmitted online as they are. They’re not encrypted. Simply put, your files aren’t coded. This is a dangerous way of backing up. If the transmittal is intercepted, your files are easily revealed.

You wouldn’t want your files to end up anywhere. But if they’re not encrypted, chances are, they’ll end up somewhere else. The hackers can get to them. That should worry you a lot. Why? Because your files contain vital information. You wouldn’t want a thief looking over them. That’s just too dangerous.

You need an online backup service that can encrypt your files. Unfortunately, most of the free online backup services don’t encrypt files. This can cost you a lot of trouble in the long run. So there’s a big difference between a paid and a free service. You’re definitely safer investing in your online backup system. The cost of losing your files is way too much. The cost of losing your files is way too much. You can’t compare that to the small investment you have to make in protecting your files.

You Get Unlimited Backup

You’ll never get unlimited backup with the free services. This will compel you to create more than one account. This totally defeats the purpose of backing up online. With more than one account, you’d have to check your files from time to time. Distributing your files online can get very tedious. You’d have to check which files are backed up. Also, you’d have to make sure that the files that aren’t backed up are backed up. It’s a very tiring process. Having more than one account will really confuse you.

You can settle for that or invest in your own online backup. If you invest, you can get unlimited online backup. One good example of a paid online backup service is Carbonite. With Carbonite, you don’t have to worry about your online backup capacity. Your files are backed up in just one account. No matter how many files you create, they’ll all end up in one account. That’s very convenient.

Unlimited online backup is something you really need. You wouldn’t have to worry about your files being distributed online.

You Can Easily Get Back Your Files

Here’s another reason why you should invest in your own online backup system. You won’t have a hard time getting back your files. For example with Carbonite, you can get your files back through a courier service. When all else fails, Carbonite will mail you back your files. That’s one service you can’t get from the free online backups.

You’ll find more than enough reasons to invest in your own online backup system. But the most important reason of them all is your peace of mind. If you invest in your own online backup, you’ll have peace of mind.

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