Carbonite Business Plans: Your Best Options For Business Continuity


Times are changing. More and more small businesses are sprouting everywhere. With technology making everything easier, it makes more sense to set up a small business. For some folks, it really is a more lucrative way of earning.

But it takes more than just capital to set up a business. It takes a lot of work to keep a business going. Making sure the day-to-day operations are profitable is no joke. But that’s not all. Small business owners look beyond the day-to-day operations. For them business continuity is the core of their existence.

For most folks, business continuity is common sense. After all, it’s exactly what every business owner wants. Any business that stays on course, no matter what happens, is a sure sign of success. But then that long road to success is where the challenge starts.

More Than Just Common Sense

Business continuity is more than just common sense. It puts together a solid set of plans, preparations, and activities. All these are laid out to make sure that the organization stays afloat no matter what happens. At a glance, it does look more like common sense. But it really isn’t as easy as it looks.

A sound business continuity plan involves various elements. Each facet of the organization is considered. At the same time, every kind of incident, internal or external, is considered. Hence, priorities are established. This is to make sure resources are conserved and utilized. To do all that takes more than just common sense.

A business, big or small, is highly dependent on technology. Nowadays, every bit of data crucial to the business is digital. A sound business continuity plan is tethered on preserving and recovering data. Therefore when it comes to establishing priorities, preservation and recovery of data come first.

Online Backup For Small Business

Online backup is currently making waves among small businesses. The cloud is more than just a place to back up files. For serious small business owners, the cloud is their best bet for business continuity, says Carbonite business info site

Online back up eases the stress of storing and preserving data in the workplace. Everybody knows how tedious it is to manually back up files. Assigning a team to do that can hurt the budget and the operations. That can do more harm than good to a small business. Such is why small business owners prefer online backup.

But the need for online backup has gone beyond. The need to preserve and store files isn’t enough for small business owners.

Factoring in all the possible incidents (internal and external) that can hit the workplace, online backup plays a major role in business continuity. That’s because, small business owners zero in on file recovery. For them, this is an important element to consider when it comes to online backup.

Smart business owners, nowadays, look to online backup as a file recovery option. This gives them peace of mind that they can always get back their files. No matter what happens, they’re assured of easy file recovery.

Affordable Carbonite Business Plans

Online backup for a small business should be reliable, secure, and affordable. The Carbonite business backup plans are valuable and powerful tools for any kind of small business. Any kind of small business will greatly benefit from Carbonite.

Carbonite offers three online business backup plans. These are the Pro, Server, and Appliance. Choosing any one of these three business plans assure business continuity. What makes Carbonite more affordable is when you get hold of a discount with Carbonite offer code for businesses, which sometimes go up to 15% off when you first sign-up.

Examples Small Businesses That Rely On Carbonite

These small businesses know the value of Carbonite. The Bottom Line Accounting Service has always relied on online backup. But unfortunately, their first online backup wasn’t Carbonite. They had previously chosen an unreliable online backup. Soon they found out their service provider was unreliable. They had to learn from a bad experience to sign up with Carbonite. But ever since signing up with Carbonite, everything has been smooth sailing for them.

Doba Accounting firm has always been loyal to Carbonite. So when their laptop was stolen, they had no problem retrieving their files.

Waunakee Remodeling had been backing up their files manually. Then they turned to Carbonite because they wanted a reliable and affordable cloud vendor. They chose Carbonite. For them, Carbonite is very easy to use. It needs very little attention. After set up, it works by itself. Any small business will definitely appreciate that.

Winn Brown Law Firm is one small business that seriously looked into their business continuity plan. They thought they weren’t doing enough. So what they did was to let Carbonite take care of their business.

These are just few examples of small business looking beyond. They all have one thing in common. They rely on Carbonite for their business continuity plan.

How about you? Do you use online backup as part of your business continuity plans?

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